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Gift card


1.1. The "Gift Card" is a virtual prepaid card, of a fixed amount, with a 1 (one) year validity term as of its date of activation. It allows the Consumer to purchase all the Products available on the Site, except for additional Gift Cards.

1.2. The Gift Card may be purchased on the Site following the link. If the Consumer has logged-in to the Site, the fields concerning name and e-mail address will be already populated with the details provided on registering to the Site.

2.1. The Consumer may purchase a Gift Card for himself/herself or buy it as a gift to a third party. If the Consumer purchases the Gift Card in his/her own name, this shall be assigned to the e-mail address with which the purchase order is completed. If the Gift Card is given as a gift to a third party, this shall be assigned to the e-mail address of the gift recipient, which the Consumer shall specify in the field provided.

2.2. The Consumer will display a summary of the order to be processed, and may change the contents if desired:  the Consumer, shall be then required to carefully read and expressly approve these general terms and conditions, as well as the Conditions of Sale if provided in any order of Products other than the Gift Card, by ticking the relative check box and, finally, confirm the order by pressing the "Place Order" button. The order will be so finally sent to the Seller to the effects and purposes illustrated in article. 3.2. of the Conditions of Sale. The Consumer will also be prompted to select a delivery option and a payment method from those available. If the Consumer selects immediate payment by credit card, Pay Pal or real-time bank transfer, he/she will be prompted to provide the relevant data via a secure socket connection. The Seller reserves the right to check the personal details provided by the Consumer for accounting and administration purposes. For payments by credit card, the purchase price will only be charged to the Consumer when the Seller sends the actual order confirmation.

2.3. On completing the purchase procedure, as described above, the Consumer who has bought a Gift Card will receive an order confirmation e-mail, which will contain also the Gift Card details, its validity term and expiry date, the Gift Card code with the last [●] characters duly hidden and, if the Gift Card has been bought as a gift for a third party, the name and e-mail address of the sender and of the recipient, as well as a message, if desired, written by the purchaser of the Gift Card. Only when the payment procedure for the Gift Card purchase order has been completed successfully, will the Gift Card be activated.

2.4. Contextually with the Gift Card activation, pursuant to article 2.3 above: (a) the Gift Card purchaser will receive an e-mail confirming the card activation and containing the Gift Card expiry date and spendable amount, the Gift Card code with the last [●] characters hidden if the Gift Card was bought for a third party, the order reference number, the name and e-mail address of the Gift Card recipient and (b) the Gift Card recipient - if this is not the same person as the Gift Card purchaser - will receive a separate email with the name of the Gift Card purchaser, the Gift Card code and expiry date, its spendable amount, the message from the sender and an attachment in printable .pdf format, which the recipient must keep and store, containing the aforementioned information and instructions for using the Gift Card.

3.1. The Gift Card may be used to purchase any Products found on the Site, there including shipment costs, as well as Wish Cards and gift packages, if available on the same Site.

3.2. The Gift Card may not be used to purchase additional Gift Cards.

3.3. In order to buy Products using a Gift Card, you must enter the details related to the e-mail address associated with the Gift Card in the fields provided. In the case of a Gift Card bought as a present, the associated e-mail address will be that of the gift recipient, identified by the e-mail address to which the Gift Card code has been sent in accordance with article 2. above. The Gift Card code shall also be entered in the fields provided.

3.4. The Gift Card may be used for several purchases on the Site, up until the funds available are fully used, within the same card expiry date.

3.5. In the event that the total order amount exceeds the funds available on the Gift Card, the residual amount shall be paid by the Consumer using the standard payment methods found on the Site, in order to complete the order.

3.6. Following the expiry of its validity term, the Gift Card may no longer be used and any residual funds still available on the same Gift Card shall not be refunded.

3.7. If one or more Products in the purchase order paid using the Gift Card are no longer available, the Seller shall send back the full order, and the amount involved shall be consequently refunded to the Gift Card. The refund method shall be the same as the payment method previously used by the Consumer on confirming the order. 

3.8. If the Consumer is a registered Site user, in the reserved Area he/she may view (a) the details of the Gift Cards purchased for each individual order and (b) the status of each Gift Card (residual credit, activation and expiry date), providing the associated e-mail address and the relative Gift Card code.

3.9. Although the Consumer is not a registered Site user, he/she may check the status of his/her Gift Card (residual credit, activation and expiry date) in the cart section, clicking on and then entering the e-mail associated with the Gift Card and the Gift Card code in the fields provided.

4.1. The Consumer has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract of a Gift Card without incurring any penalty, within 14 (fourteen) days from the purchase of the Gift Card involved. The rules governing the right of withdrawal outlined in this article 4 shall not apply in the event of withdrawal from the purchase of a Gift Card partially or fully used to purchase further Products.

4.2. To exercise the right of withdrawal, the Consumer must notify Triboo Digitale, within the deadline indicated in article 4.1 above, sending an explicit declaration to Triboo Digitale using the Contact form or email address, of his/her intention to exercise the right of withdrawal using the withdrawal form Attached.

4.3. Following the provisions of article 4.2 above, the Consumer shall receive an e-mail to confirm exercise of the right of withdrawal and containing: (i) the order reference number (only to the Gift Card purchaser), (ii) the code of the Gift Card subject to withdrawal with the last [●] characters duly hidden in the case of a card purchased as a gift, (iii) the expiry date and the funds available on the Gift Card.

4.4. In the event of withdrawal pursuant to article 4 herein, the Consumer shall be refunded of the amounts paid to purchase the Gift Card, without any undue delay and in any case not later than 14 days after exercising the right of withdrawal. Such refunds shall be transferred using the same means of payment used by the Consumer for the initial transaction, unless the Consumer requests the refund via a different means of payment, in which case the Consumer will be charged for any additional fees incurred in connection with the different payment means chosen.

5.1. If the Consumer exercises the right of withdrawal in relation to the purchase of Products partially or fully paid with the credit available on the Gift Card, if the conditions outlined in article 10 of the Conditions of Sale are met, the amount corresponding to the Products shall be charged back to the Gift Card, and may be spent by the Consumer on the terms and conditions outlined above. The Consumer shall be subsequently refunded of any further amount previously paid through any payment means available on the Site, on the terms and conditions outlined in article 10.5 of the Conditions of Sale.